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Social Media Marketing for FMCG Brands

Social media has fast become one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing. It provides a wealth of benefits and a simple way of reaching millions of people around the world. The food industry is highly competitive and so, spending money on social media marketing could be one of the most effective ways of finding success. Hence incorporating a strong social media marketing strategy in the overall marketing mix offers many clear advantages to FMCG brands.

  • It Enhances Brand Awareness

FMCG sector in Dubai is crowded by a large variety of similar products, which offer consumers a wide range to choose from. Social media provides one of the most cost-effective platforms where you can enhance brand awareness. This will help consumers form an opinion about the brand even before they visit the store, which will influence their purchase decision. Through engaging posts you can invite users to engage with your brand while you can share advertisements and offers, taking your brand to new levels while improving brand awareness and eventually brand loyalty.

Positioning your branding right and placing it on the right channels will ensure you reach the right audience. Brand awareness is about ensuring prospective customers understand who you are and what you offer. The food industry is crowded but social media gives you the opportunity to muscle in and show people why your brand is the right choice.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

Unlike other forms of advertising where FMCG brands usually spend more and work harder to reach a larger audience, like TV, print ads, radio etc. ; social media is a ready-made platform. With hundreds of millions of users, you can make your advertising budget work harder for you.

Creating an account is free on most social platforms. However, using paid advertising is a great way of targeting users based on demographics and their behaviours. Spending money on this form of marketing will enable you to target your chosen market and that will increase your chances of generating sales, offering a better return on investment (ROI).

Advanced analytics from the Social Platforms will let you gain deep consumer insights. This can help you create campaigns and content that your target audience will find engaging further reducing the marketing costs for FMCG brands.

  • Improve Customer Engagement, Satisfaction & Retention

While there is likely to be many other FMCG brands out there offering the same products, you have to provide them with a reason to trust your brand. If you can communicate with your audience, listen to them and engage with them, you’ll find that they trust your brand more. This can range from answering product related queries, responding to general posts and even dealing with unhappy customers. If you can do all of this on an open social media platform, your audience will see that you are a brand that cares. Influencer marketing has also found to be effective  for FMCG brands because consumers are more likely to believe in the credibility of your brand when an influencer whom they trust recommends it to them.

Social media plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction and when you get it right, you’ll benefit from greater levels of satisfaction. Users are more likely to opt for a brand that uses social media to communicate than a brand that does not. Whether customers are posting issues with a product or have a genuine query, the fact that they are receiving a modified reply will resonate with them. It’s one of the simplest aspects of social media marketing but it is one that will set your brand apart.

In short, customers are not looking for a faceless brand. They are looking for a brand that has a voice and a personality. This is the level of connection that they expect and you can achieve this by engaging. Simple messages and responses will work for your brand and will enable you to begin forming relationships with users.

  • Improved SEO Rankings

Social media marketing is not just about getting results through your chosen platforms. Social media is now highly recognised by search engines and they now feed into your search ranking. Search engines are constantly evolving in a way that appeals to the needs of users and with millions of people using social media, it is now an integral part of the ranking process. It’s no longer enough to have a website that is optimised and updating your blog won’t cut it either. Businesses that share content on social media are now showing search engines that they offer value to users and that their brand has integrity.

Final Words

Social media marketing cannot be overlooked and if any food brand wants to step forward and get noticed in the Dubai market then a strong branding along with a solid digital marketing strategy with more focus on social media marketing is the key. The right strategy, if implemented correctly will enhance awareness, traffic, improve SEO and build a greater level of brand loyalty, all of which will help your brand stand out. 

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